Safety Policy


At RCC, we promised to deliver a clean, safe and better environment through our OHSE management system. Our motto is “live safely”and “Production with Safety is our mission and philosophy”.

We are not only committed to protect the safety of our employees, the customers, subcontractors the stakeholdersand all other interested parties directly or indirectly involved with us but also assured to provide an echo friendly environment at all areas we work and live.

It is a culture that developed from the amalgamation of constant and continual efforts by the Management, employees and the association from all our patrons to realize our HSE management system very successful. In all cases, we abide by the following principles to meet our commitment very successful:

  • Strive to improve the quality of our services while protecting the health and safetyof our employees at all times.

  • Plan and perform work in accordance with OH&S management system.

  • Developed a culture among employees to be independent and to ensure their own safety and of their fellow workers.

  • Keep abreast with the best HSE practices and provide adequate training and induction prior work commencement.

  • Meet and comply with legal, statutory, regulatory and the customer requirements.

  • Eliminate quality non conformances and HSE accidents.

  • Keep encouraging employees with rewards for QHSE performance.

  • Prevent pollution and reduction of waste through proper disposal and recycling methods to keep minimum burden on the environment.

  • Will review this policy annually for suitability and continual improvement.

The Management assigned HSE manager with authority, responsibility and organizational freedom to exercise OHSE Management system at all areas and to ensure that all concerned parties are unreservedly committed to achieve our aim; “ZERO ACCIDENTS and ZERO INCIDENTS”.





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