Refractory repair works


Inspections, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and upgrading of existing refractory linings of Boilers, Furnaces, Reactors, Cyclones, Ducts for Power Plants, Cement and Petrochemical Plants and Glass Industry.

For such works the Company can provide:

A.   A. Selection of the construction materials suitable for the operating service condition

  • Definition of lining composition according to Client specifications

  • Selection of suitable refractory materials, steel supports and anchors according to material properties and imposed operating methods.

B.      Construction at site using Qualified teams and equipments

  • Planning of site activities.

  •  Brick linings installation by wide experienced team

  • Abrasion resistant linings applied by hand packing method.

  • Refractory and abrasion resistant linings applied by vibracasting method.

  • Insulating and refractory linings applied by gunning method.

  • Insulating and refractory linings applied by pumping / shotcreting method.

  • Ceramic fibers linings installation.

C.       Supervision at site, start up procedures and commissioning





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