New Refractory works

a)    Design for:

  • Insulating and refractory linings in accordance to the specification issued for each project, including detailed construction drawings and bill of materials.

  • Thermal calculations based on specified operating conditions.

b)   Selection of the construction materials suitable for operation service conditions:

  • Definition of lining composition according to the above-mentioned thermal calculations

  • Selection of suitable refractory materials, steel supports and anchors according to material properties and imposed operating conditions.

c)    Construction at site using a qualified team and equipment:

  • Planning of site activities.

  • Brick linings installation by a widely experienced team.

  • Abrasion resistant linings applied by hand-picking method.

  • Refractory and abrasion resistant linings applied by vibra casting method.

  • Insulating and refractory linings applied by gunning method.

  • Insulating and refractory linings applied by pumping / shotcreting method.

  • Installation of ceramic fiber linings.

d) Supervision at site, start-up procedures and commissioning.






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