New Chimney works

a) Thermofluodynamic design for:

  • Optimization of liner diameter on the basis of flue gas data, required pressure at interface of external duct/liner and top exit velocity.

  • Temperature profile through chimney components.

  • Temperature gradients / thermal stress of brick liners under steady and transient conditions.

  • Optimization of transition piece connecting external ducts to liners.

  • Pressure profile along liner height.

  • Floue gas temperature loss from inlet to top.

  • Ventilation on windshield inner space by natural / forced draft.

b) Structural design according to recognized international standards and local design codes for:

  • Reinforced concrete foundation slabs and piling.

  • Reinforced concrete or steel platforms for liner guide and support.

  • Freestanding steel chimneys and lattice towers.

  • Freestanding and sectional anti-acid brick liners.

  • Equipment for heavy lifting systems.

  • Provisional working platforms and decks for new constructions.

c) Selection of construction material suitable for operating service conditions.


d) Construction at site using a qualified team and equipment for:

  • Planning site activities

  • Slipforming, concreting, steel reinforcement installation and wood form construction / assembly under patent of GLEITBAU, Austria.

  • Installation of internal brick liners using suspended working platforms certified by authorities or fabrication of internal steel liners and assembly at ground level.

  • Construction of internal concrete slabs and / or steel platforms.

  • Heavy lifting of internal concrete slabs, steel platforms and steel liners using hydraulic jacks under patent of GLEITIBAU, Austria.

e) Supervision at site, start-up procedures and commissioning.







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