Chimney Repair works

Chimney Repair Works

Inspections, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and upgrading of existing industrial chimneys. For such works the company can provide:

a) Revamping and repowering the design for:

  • Res-sizing liners on the basis of new operating conditions.

  • Definition of anti-acid / thermal protection of liners according to the new operating conditions by calculation of the modified thermal profile through all chimney components.

  • Control of liner internal pressure along flue gas path.

  • Control of ventilation efficiency under the new operating conditions.

b)   Structural design verification for:

  • Stability and structural capacity of windshields and liners under operating conditions.

  • Chimneys retrofitting under new design or change of operating conditions.

  • Repair works on the basis of inspection reports including recommendations and maintenance programs.

  • Provisional access facilities to elevated working areas according to local design codes and safety regulations.

  • Vibration anaylsis and check of resonance of existing structures with detailed monitoring reporting and proposal for suitable repair solutions.

c) Selection of the construction material suitable for operation service conditions.

d) Construction at site using a qualified team and equipment for:

  • Dismantling and lowering of heavy structures and lifting the new ones, under patent of GLEITBAU, Austria.

e)Internal brick liner and steel liner maintenance.

f)Supervision at site, start-up procedures and commissioning.






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