RCC was established in September 2005 by BEROA Technology Group GMBH Company (Germany) and Al Thomad Company (Saudi Arabia). On date 12th October 2009, Beroa Group & CRI Intíl Srl (Milan) acquired all shares of the Company from Al Thomad Company. The Company has professional staff with in-depth experience in the design and construction of industrial chimneys, reinforced concrete tall structures, freestanding steel chimneys, refractory and anti-acid linings.

RCC is a company part of Beroa, the leader in the construction of industrial chimneys and other tall structures. Beroa provides its expertise as supplier to the basic industry in more than 20 countries across the globe through its twelve affiliates companies: Karrena, Burwitz, Sorg Karrena (Germany), Forter (Portugal, Bierrum (United Kingdom), Internacional Chimney (USA), CTP Thermique (France, CRI (Italy), ALTAC (Spain), KBF and York Linings International (Australia) and RCC.

Aim of the company:
An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, RCC aims to deliver cost effective solutions with quality and latest state-of-the art technology in the fields of Chimneys and Refractory works.

Company activities:
The company primarily provides procurement and construction of chimneys and refractory works, however, the company also undertakes the engineering services through its sister division: CRInternational Srl, Italy to deliver as EPC projects to its customers.

The company develop and construct Reinforced concrete chimneys with mono or multi-flue internal liners of different nature (steel, brick, FRP), with different kind of internal protection whenever required (anti-acid concrete, borosilicate or flake lining, Hastelloy or Titanium cladding) and also with borosilicate protection directly applied on the windshield.

The Company activities are based on the following product lines:

  • EPC of reinforced concrete chimneys (from 100m to 250m height),

  • Chimney Repair Works,

  • Design, supply, installation of all kinds of Refractory works,

  • Repair and maintenance of refractory works, and

  • Supervision and Inspection service of Chimneys and Refractory works.







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